Direct Entrepreneurial Participation

Both private and institutional investors recognize entrepreneurial participations as a primary component of their asset allocation strategy.  Specifically, entrepreneurial families often seek to supplement their own business activities by participating in businesses in complementing areas.

Through our professional Mergers & Acquisitions division, we are in a position to offer our clients investment opportunities in a broad range of businesses. Primarily, we focus on family-owned, mid-cap companies, which we sell on behalf of their owners, who have decided to do something different for the rest of their lives. As such, we can regularly offer entrepreneurial participations from entrepreneurs directly to entrepreneurs.  Based on specific purchase mandates, we also search for suitable investment opportunities to complement the business portfolios of our clients.  

An additional focus of our expertise is the active support of entrepreneurs with regard to the envisaged complete or partial sale of their companies for the purpose of strategic partnerships, a broader diversification of their wealth or the order of succession.  In this capacity, we represent majority as well as minority transactions. We also provide active advice to company conglomerates and/or financial investors in their acquisition or disposal decisions of whole companies or individual business units. 

Based upon further discussions, we would be delighted to provide some of our reference transactions.

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