Indirect Entrepreneurial Participation

We support our clients  in their search for suitable indirect investments in companies with a very detailed and painstaking process.

According to our definition, indirect entrepreneurial participations are not only traditional private equity investments, but also comprise different investment forms, such as real estate or real assets.  Hereby, a special focus is put on forests, agriculture, water and all other kinds of renewable energy investments.  

Institutional investors in general and trusts in particular demand stable and inflation-protected investment instruments.  In our selection of these investment classes, we strive to achieve the highest level of transparency for our clients and often seek to position them either on the Board or in some other consulting function.  It is the inherent nature of private-placements, and/or “Club Deals”, that allows us this kind of direct influence.

In conjunction with our client’s counselors, we take into account tax restrictions and optimizations.  However, we are careful not to limit our recommendations to tax considerations only.  What this means for our clients is that any investment must prove a sustainable success at a pre-tax consideration.

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