Family Office

Communication plays the central role in our Family Office Services.  Top priority is comprehending our client’s needs and goals.  A carefully undertaken inventory is vital to this understanding and builds the basis of a long-term financial plan, which is intended to include future generations.  This financial plan must be all-encompassing, and would include all asset classes and income sources (both before and after taxes), real estate, participations, art, etc.

The majority of asset structures require ongoing controlling:

  • Timely inventory management
  • Valuation at current rates and
  • Suitabilty and goal achievement analyses

for all asset classes, not just liquid assets

We pay particular attention to risk management.  Based on our self-developed and comprehensive reporting system, we regularly provide a bank-independent and tailored reporting across all custodian banks vis-à-vis our clients.  Our reporting offers our clients a quick and decision-oriented overview of all variables and structures that are vital for wealth management.  The reports also guarantees transparency relative to various fees and other costs.